Copa90 is a channel about soccer.

Sorry, football.

Fans-turned-presenters travel all over the world to find untold stories of tiny teams and passionate supporters. 

To introduce Copa90 (along with fellow UK channel SORTEDfood) to a wider audience, we created YouTube's biggest, most ambitious campaign ever. It was 100% digital  — video, digital billboards, and interactive — not a scrap of paper involved.

To do this, we filmed 89 unique videos and GIFs, and placed them in hyper-specific media locations throughout London.





Dozens of Videos & GIFs

To pull off the campaign, we needed a LOT of video assets. We started by introducing the channel itself.

More than a Game :30

Then we introduced the presenters, like Eli Mengem, a diehard football fan who was plucked from obscurity to become one of Copa90's star voices.

Eli's Story :30

GIFs were used in out of home and digital media in place of print.


The UK's Biggest All-Digital Campaign

Copa90 was part of the largest all-digital media campaign ever done in the UK. We used DoubleClick, Google's banner serving software, to target REALLY specific ads thorough London, based on factors like:

  • your device
  • your location
  • the time of day
  • sports schedules
  • which ads you'd seen before

It's complicated stuff. Check out this video to see how we did it:

Programmatic Campaign 2:07

Copalab 360 Event

To get fans involved, we created a 360 video experience called CopaLab. Anyone could step inside, show off their badass footy skills, and walk away with a GIF to share on social media.

Here's a video that shows the full scale of the event.

CopaLab Event 1:27

Created with Tiago Veiga, Rory Hanrahan, Roberto Lastra, and Copa90.