SORTEDfood are four charming lads from London.

One is a chef.

The rest are... not.

To introduce SORTEDfood (along with fellow UK channel Copa90) to a wider audience, we created YouTube's biggest, most ambitious campaign ever. It was 100% digital: video, digital billboards, and interactive — not a scrap of paper involved.

To do this, we filmed 89 unique videos and GIFs, and placed them in hyper-specific media locations throughout London.



Dozens of Videos & GIFs

To pull off the campaign, we needed a LOT of video assets. We started by introducing the guys.

Meet SORTEDfood :30

Then we created a whole series of "kitchen hacks" of questionable usefulness. Here's just one:

Lettuce Hack :15

And then there were recipes. We use a technique called retargeting to tell a continuing story over three separate ads. First the guys show you how to make monkey bread. Later, you see them eating it. And if you haven't tried it by third time, they're kind of pissed.


The UK's Biggest All-Digital Campaign

SORTEDfood was part of the largest all-digital media campaign ever done in the UK. We used DoubleClick, Google's banner serving software, to target REALLY specific ads thorough London, based on factors like:

  • your device
  • your location
  • the time of day
  • sports schedules
  • which ads you'd seen before

It's complicated stuff. Check out this video to see how we did it:

Programmatic Campaign 2:07


The videos were supported by lots of GIFs. These were super fun to shoot.


Big Night In

To get fans involved in the campaign, we created "recipe boxes" filled with all the ingredients to make a SORTEDfood meal. (If you're wondering, it was a calzone.)

On Instagram and Twitter, the SORTEDfood guys invited fans to come pick up a box in person.

We set up trucks at Covent Garden and Spitalfields Market, where the four lads handed out recipe boxes to hundreds of fans.

Here's a video recap of the event:

Big Night In Event 1:11

Fans cooked the recipe along with a special SORTEDfood video, then posted their pictures online.


Blooper Reel

We shot so much for SORTEDfood, we even made a blooper reel. It's pretty dumb.

SORTEDfood Blooper Reel :30

Created with Tiago Veiga, Bonnie Lutz, Leanne Amann, and SORTEDfood.