1 in 3 people on earth has no access to a toilet.

Crazy, right?

WaterAid is a nonprofit that provides clean water, toilets, and hygiene education to communities around the world. In 2015, they wanted to raise awareness of the issue on World Toilet Day, Nov. 19.

We created a social campaign around a cultural icon: the poop emoji. It was a pretty big affair, including:

  • a personalized poop emoji creation app
  • celebrity-led social campaign
  • animated educational video
  • live art gallery benefit event

Poop Emoji App

We built an app that lets anyone create a customized poop emoji and share it to raise awareness of sanitation issues. You can also donate to WaterAid directly through the app.

Thousands of people posted their poops online.


Celebrity Social Campaign

We created customized poop emojis for a ton of online celebrities. On World Toilet Day, they shared their poops with the world, driving fans to learn more and download the app. (If you've checked out the YouTube section of this site, you'll recognize some familiar faces.)

Each celebrity got a kit with fun poop-themed stuff to share on the day.


Awareness Video

The celebrities drove their fans to giveashit.info, where they could watch a video about the issue and learn different ways they could help.


The Shit Show

But the campaign wasn't over yet. We curated our own poop-themed art gallery, featuring work by over 30 artists from around the world. Visitors learned about the issues, purchased the art to benefit WaterAid, and shared the event on social media.

Check out artist Geo Law creating our live mural.

The event was full of "Instagrammable moments." 

And news crews were on hand to film the experience and interview the leaders of the campaign, such as WaterAid CEO Sarina Prabasi.


Campaign Overview

The campaign drove awareness like nothing WaterAid has ever done before. We had 4469 participants, 14.5 million views on social media, and 237 million views in press, driving new donors to WaterAid and helping bring toilets to people around the world.

Created with Caitlin Bradley, Mary Turpin, Mike Hasinoff and Tania Staykova.