Video Game High School

Sometimes, YouTube is a place where your crazy fantasies can come true. Especially if that fantasy is a high school where all your classes are video games. 

Director Freddie Wong tapped his community of nearly 7 million fans to crowdfund Video Game High School, a YouTube series full of awesome special effects.


ComicCon Takeover

To show VGHS to the world, we did a massive takeover of New York ComicCon 2014.


Fan-Focused TV

Our TV spots highlighted the fact that this show wasn't made by Hollywood execs.

It was created with the help of real fans on YouTube.

VGHS Spot 1 - :30

VGHS Spot 2 - :30

In every ad we made, we hid secret links to behind-the-scenes clips:

One of the most fun things is watching fans get excited about "their" channel getting major attention.

Fun fact! One of the lead actors couldn't make it to the photo shoot, so I stood in as a body double until we could replace his head.