Tyler Oakley


It's hard to be weird. 

But Tyler Oakley has become one of the world's top YouTube creators by daring to be himself, and inspiring others to do the same.



Fan-Generated Ads

We had Tyler ask his community of over 7M fans to share videos about what makes them strange and unique, using the hashtag #DareToBeYou

Thousands of brave fans shared their most intimate moments, which became part of Tyler's national TV campaign.

Tyler Oakley TV Spot - :30

To thank his fans for participating, Tyler posted a longer video on his channel.

It gets pretty emotional.

Tyler Oakley Community Video - 2:00

Dare Tyler

We had fans write dares for Tyler, then filmed him answering them for this interactive ad. Each time you spin the wheel, Tyler does a different dare. (Don't do it though, this is just a GIF).

And of course, we put Tyler's face all over town.