Reyka Vodka


Reyka is a small-batch vodka from Iceland. They're so small, they don't have a ton of money for ads. 

We decided to make the low-budget aesthetic part of the brand, creating a series of dispatches from a marketing department run by one guy in the tiny town of Borgarnes, Iceland.

His name is Frikki, and he's a real Icelander. With zero acting experience.  




Here, Frikki explains how Reyka vodka got its name.

He offers suggestions for proper Icelandic drinking:

As the campaign continued, we kind of leaned into the homespun strangeness:

Eventually, we shot a series of spots in Iceland. We had no permits. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 3.12.37 PM.png

The 2018 World Cup was full of surprises. The USA didn't qualify. But by some miracle, Iceland did. We created an entire campaign encouraging sad American soccer fans to root for Iceland (and enjoy a little vodka while cheering).

We made all kinds of swag, which people actually bought. 



In print and outdoor media, our approach was a little different. We created a surreal, otherworldly version of Iceland, full of strange beasts and vivid colors. 

The point is, Iceland is a wonderfully weird place.


Reyka doesn't make flavored vodka. But on April Fools day, we pretended that they did. 

Created with Todd Taylor, Dave Wiest and many others.