Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a team of five guys from Texas who love sports.

Like, REALLY love sports.

They're famous for their crazy trick shots, but we realized what makes them so popular is their ability to turn anything into a game. 

So for their Beacon campaign, we decided to bring that spirit of play to real kids.



"The Dude Perfect Court" — Community Event & Restoration

The tagline for the campaign was "You make every day gameday." So we thought, why not actually improve a place where real kids play? We called New York City officials and discovered that Tompkins Square Park was in dire need of repair.

Tompkins Square Park: Before

Event Day: Park Takeover

Timed with the kickoff of the campaign, we turned the court into a trick shot playground.

We invited kids from all over the city, the borough president of Manhattan, and of course, the dudes themselves.

Here's a video recap:



After the event, we closed down the court for a few weeks and got to work.

A Brand New Court

And about a month later, the court was reopened, just in time for the summer basketball season.

The World's Largest Slingshot

For our video ads, we couldn't work with these guys and NOT do something epic. So we helped them build the world's largest slingshot and fire basketballs toward a net on a moving ATV.

"World's Largest Slingshot" :30

Out of Home

And like always, we took over the city with crazy billboards.

Created with Tiago Veiga, Tim Stettner & Dude Perfect.