Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is an Indian-Canadian comedian who plays multiple characters: herself, her overbearing mom, her showboating dad, and her self-obsessed friends.

Her 6 million fans love her because she shows the weirdness of everyday family life (especially Indian families).

Around the same time as the campaign, Lilly won a streamy award. In her acceptance speech, she thanked YouTube for "not being afraid to put a brown girl on a billboard."


"Inception" Masthead

On the YouTube homepage, we introduced the world to Lilly. And Lilly. And Lilly.

To see it in context, click here.


Pre-roll Videos

We made a ton of these short introductions to Lilly and peppered them throughout YouTube. Some were general, and some were specific to the type of video you were about to watch. 

"Rabbit Hole" :15

"Makeup Tutorial" :15

Rap Video :15

Out of Home

We put her face everywhere. 

Created with Tiago Veiga, Paul Fix, Jamie Overkamp, and Lilly Singh.