Keggy the Keg

Dartmouth College doesn't have a proper mascot. First there was the un-PC "Dartmouth Indian" and then the overly-PC "Big Green," but since 1970, nothing has stuck.

In 2001, my friend Nic and I were members of the college's humor magazine. We decided to create a mascot that wasn't racist or sexist, yet entirely unacceptable. Dartmouth has a reputation for hard drinking, so booze was the logical choice.

We created "Keggy the Keg" and snuck him into the homecoming game. Keggy was a hit, and the story was picked up by a variety of national media. To this day, Keggy remains Dartmouth's "official unofficial" mascot.

Keggy has been passed down to successive generations of Dartmouth students, and has pumped up the crowd at sporting events for over a decade.

He also made an appearance in a YouTube video that IvyGateBlog called "the best video produced by students in the history of the universe."