Hannah Hart

You might know Hannah Hart from the viral hit series "My Drunk Kitchen."

She's a great example of a weird, creative person who took a one-off video success and, with the help of her fans, grew it into a massive multimedia network.

We tried to capture Hannah's spirit of relentless optimism, even though legal wouldn't let us show much booze.


"Spill Wall"

This was one of my favorite outdoor things we did. We recreated windows to match the nearby buildings, then painted spilled pancake batter overtop of everything. It caught your eye from 20 blocks away.

We even hid other creators, the Dude Perfect Panda and Grace Helbig, in the wall as easter eggs.



Each outdoor poster referenced a particular episode from Hannah's weirdo channel.


In Hannah's tv campaign, we focused on how her fans have helped her grow her channel from a drunken lark into an optimistic empire. 

Hannah Hart :30

"Best Pizza" :15

"No Kid Hungry" Trivia Night

To support the campaign efforts, Hannah hosted a pub trivia night for fans. Proceeds went to benefit No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child hunger in America.

And here is the full case-study video featuring Hannah, Grace Helbig, and Dude Perfect.