Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is a comedian who has mastered the art of awkwardness. 

Our challenge was to show the world why 2.7 million fans love her... without making it seem like just another blonde girl on a billboard.

Basically, Grace helped us make fun of our own campaign.


Visual Style

We spent a lot of time making Grace look really weird. 

And she messed around with our other, more "normal" beacons.


Our digital ads featured Grace giving you "options." This series was one of the best performing mastheads YouTube has ever done. 



TrueViews are those short ads that play before YouTube videos. Grace finds them annoying.

"Setup" :15

"Shadow Puppets" :15

"How's now?" :15

Digital Outdoor

Grace is so sorry.

Socially-Powered Mural

We needed a way to let Grace's fans mess with the campaign a little. So we created a painted wall that her fans could affect via Twitter. Grace tweeted a series of choices, and the fans picked what was painted next.

Here's a full case-study video of the campaign featuring Grace, Hannah Hart, & Dude Perfect.