Epic Rap Battles of History

Epic Rap Battles of history is two dudes, Lloyd "Epic Lloyd" Ahlquist and Pete "Nice Peter" Shukoff, who create video battle raps between historical characters. 

Fans suggest the match-ups, and the guys bring them to life in ridiculous ways.

We helped introduce the channel to a whole new audience with massive outdoor billboards, interactive ads, and films on tv and in theaters.




Banner Ad Battle

Inspired by the battle theme, we created a video game inside a banner ad.

You could choose your character and use a series of taunts and attacks against the other guy.

We made a different version for each character matchup.




We created a mini documentary that showed how these weird videos get made.

Epic Rap Battles Mini-Doc - 2:00

Out of Home

For a while, you couldn't walk around New York without seeing historical characters looking angry.

There was also a whole campaign about Mozart vs. Skrillex, but Skrillex's people killed it.

I can't really blame them.