The Balvenie

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The Balvenie is a single-malt scotch whisky. Its brand is all about craft — taking time to do things right, even if it’s harder, or takes years.

Anthony Bourdain also believed in craft. He lent his insatiable curiosity to the Balvenie for a long-running content series called “Raw Craft.” In each episode, Tony visited expert craftsmen and women to learn their trade and share a dram of whisky.

Over the course of three seasons, Bourdain met everyone from tailors, blacksmiths, chefs, tattoo artists and many more. He even got to help build a drum kit for Green Day.

When Bourdain died suddenly in 2018, we created this tribute, which ran during the final episodes of “Parts Unknown.”

Created with Todd Taylor, Steve O’Connell & Steve Red.